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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Ingenico Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Code”) seeks to ensure that our business practices comply with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards, while promoting a culture of integrity. Its last version was adopted on 1st February 2020.

The Code describes the group’s commitments in terms of ethics and compliance in accordance with national and international regulations, by providing to Ingenico Group and all its affiliates and subsidiaries a set of common business integrity principles.

All Ingenico Group’s employees and representatives have to act continuously in accordance with the values of integrity and abide by its internal and external standards.

This is the foundation of our company culture and all employees and representatives must proceed by complying with the Code.

The Code defines the standards and behaviours applicable to the group's activities for its employees and business relationships (especially suppliers and subcontractors). In particular, it:

  • aims at ensuring that the group’s business is conducted in a lawful manner and with integrity;
  • constitutes a guarantee of minimum rights for all employees; and
  • promotes a common corporate culture benefitting to shareholders, employees and third parties.

Nicolas Huss, CEO of Ingenico Group: We put honesty and respect of the highest standards of integrity at the core of how we conduct ourselves every day. In particular, we strive to protect internationally recognized Human Rights and to fight fraud and corruption.

Matthieu Destot, EVP Bank and Acquirers Business Unit: The Code will not only help us to improve the confidence our customers have in us, but it will also strengthen our reputation as a trusted leader in the payment industry.

Paula Felstead, Chief Technology Officer: We are living in an environment where we need trusted partners. Our collective goal is to take on the opportunities of our markets while aligning all together on the standards and commitments of this Code.

Églantine Delmas, EVP Risk, Audit, and Compliance: This Code is fundamental in the journey to strengthen our compliance culture throughout the group. Aligning on principles will ensure that we all share the same standards, and all together set the tone for ethics and compliance in Ingenico across all the businesses.

Stéphanie Fougou, General Counsel: Compliance is at the heart of business performance. This Code is reasserting our commitments to stand for ethical and compliant business activities based on international standards and best practices. It is of each one responsibility to ensure its execution in a daily mode.

This Code is appended to Ingenico Group S.A.’s Internal Rules and incorporates in the form of appendices the Group Alert Policy, the Group Gifts and Hospitality Policy and the Group Anticorruption Policy.

Any concern?

Ingenico encourages its employees and third parties to openly express their legitimate concerns. 

In order to enable them to speak-up, in particular with regard to the difficulties that employees may face in the event of a breach of the rules set out in the Code, Ingenico has set up a specific whistleblowing system: [email protected] (the “Ethics Line”) to report alerts. It is also open to third parties of Ingenico, such as employees of our suppliers, clients or subcontractors. The use of the Ethics Line is not mandatory, but complementary to the usual methods of transmitting information.
The Ethics Line can be used to report a certain number of breaches as detailed in the Alert Group Policy appended to the Code. Such alerts must be based on objectively formulated information. Any intentional misuse of the Ethics Line shall not be tolerated. 


Any alert via the Ethics Line that does not comply with its rules cannot be taken into account.
For more information, we invite you to read the conditions for handling alerts in our Alert Group Policy appended to the Code.

Please note that Ingenico does not tolerate any breach of the Code’s principles. Ingenico may decide not to enter into a relationship or to terminate an existing relationship with a third party who is not complying with the Code.