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Esmeralda Medema-Hop

Product Manager Extensions

Esmeralda is Product Manager Extensions

What do you like most about your job?

Working in a dynamic environment with an enthusiastic team that keeps challenging my knowledge and problem solving skills. 

As a woman in the payments industry, what makes you feel empowered?  

The fact that the payment industry has a bit of a male image. When I started 7,5 years ago at Ogone, I was the only woman on the 1st Line Support team, since that time, now almost 50% of the Support team is female, a great improvement which also confirms that women are choosing more and more for a technical job. The payment industry also allows women to take this chance and develop themselves along with the changes that comes every day in this very dynamical world. 

A word to encourage more women into the payment industry?

The payment industry is getting challenged everyday based on new innovations. This means that we need to be creative and flexible. I believe that this a skill that many women have and could use to challenge the way we work and to achieve our goals.

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