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Ottilia, Rouguet

Director, Strategy & BU Transformation / Banks & Acquirers

Ottilia is Director, Strategy & BU Transformation / Banks & Acquirers

1. What do you like most about your job?

I have been with Ingenico for 15 years and I’ve had many opportunities to expand my skills by moving into different roles. That’s amazing value and enriches personal and professional skills. That’s what I like most about Ingenico – it allows me to work with different divisions and people in our fast-evolving company.

As a woman in the payments industry, what makes you feel empowered?

The exciting roles that my company has entrusted to me. It shows that it’s important to have the right profile to do a job. It’s more about skills, rather than being a woman or a man.

What would you say to encourage more women to get into the payments industry?

The payments industry is an increasingly exciting space to work in because of the fast-evolving technological and consumer behaviour changes pushed by innovations. Don’t hesitate to join our industry – we’re in an exhilarating business where you’ll be able to find your professional happiness!   

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