Move/2500 series

Available whenever you need it

  • Guaranteed terminal availability if power and network fail
  • Make NFC payments a seamless consumer experience
  • Robust and functional to meet merchants’ daily needs


A seamless payment experience, through a compact portable terminal, complies with future security standards.


Compact design and ergonomic interface
Payments anywhere and anytime
  • 4G, 3G, GPRS, Dual SIM, Bluetooth and WiFi
Multiple alternative payment methods supported
  • EMV Chip & PIN, contactless, magstripe or digital wallets
Fast integrated printer
Guaranteed terminal availability with a hybrid version included with wired communication capabilities (Ethernet, PSTN)
Long-lasting battery for the lengthy working day (2200mAh)
Raising the bar on security with PCI PTS compliancy
ATEX version to answer petrol environment use cases
Ingenico Portable MOVE 2500 Chip and Pin
Ingenico Portable MOVE 2500 Contactless Card
Ingenico Portable MOVE 2500 Contactles Phone