All inclusive
solution to delight
your merchants

A comprehensive suite of services matching hardware, software and services to manage your terminal estates at a convenient recurring fee.

All inclusive solution to delight your merchants

Support your merchant business strategy, delivering value-added services and ensuring 24/7 terminal availability


Outsourced estate management

Remove payment complexity and focus on growing your business, by outsourcing your estate management to one single partner.


Customised Solutions

Create a customised package tailored to your business needs.


Flexibility & Predictability

Control the cost of solution delivery to your merchants through a flat recurring fee, giving you flexibility and predictability.


Future-proof Solution

Keep your payment terminals performing flawlessly with the highest level of services and security through a future-proof solution.


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Ingenico support all along the terminal lifecycle


Consulting Services

Design your solution with our payment expert to meet your goals while taking into account your technical constraints.


Terminal Customisation

Personalise the merchant’s package to develop your brand awareness.


Terminal Delivery & Merchant on-boarding

Define your on-boarding and delivery process from traditional field services to remote support.

estate management

Terminal Monitoring & Updates

Outsource your daily estate management needs to reduce complexity from new regulations and evolving payment needs.



Merchant Reporting Tools

Remote access to reporting business tools to better control your merchant activities and enable them to better know their customers.

Remote and on site assistance

Ongoing Support

Provide your merchants with repair services, the remote helpdesk and give them access to the knowledge center.

End of life recyling

End of Life and Recycling

End to end service including terminal swaps, recycling and key destruction as requested by PCI standards.

Four key components

Modular & future-proof
  • Customised services to fit merchant needs
  • Latest technologies and security requirements
  • No need to build additional internal hardware-related skills
Cash-predictable model-based
  • No capital expenses and no hidden costs
  • Shift from a traditional capital expense to an operating expense model
One single point of contact
  • Dedicated assistance with all your asset management service needs
  • Worldwide footprint with local payment experts providing 24/7 service availability
Convenient financing
  • Partnerships with top financing companies throughout the world
Ingenico TaaS Key Components

3 bundles to fit your merchant needs

A modular offering in accordance to your needs, bundling hardware, software and services into one single solution. For large accounts and multi geography needs, we can support you with a fully tailored TaaS solution.
Basic Premium Full Estate Management
Self-Care Portal
Self-Care Portal true true true
Standard Helpdesk
Standard Helpdesk true true
Expert Helpdesk
Expert Helpdesk true true
Repair true true true
Installation true true
SWAP Services
SWAP Services true true
Replacement & Recycling
Replacement & Recycling true true
Terminal Remote Key Management
Terminal Remote Key Management true
Estate Management
Estate Management true true
Business Services
Business Services true

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