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Become the ecosystem orchestrator with PPaaS’ open API-based one-stop-shop platform orchestrating payments, commerce and data services from multiple service providers. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Set the foundation

Give your customers an integrated digital experience, enabling them to manage quickly and easily their payment operations and adapt to the changing payment environment.


Play the ecosystem

Access a curated, cloud-based catalogue of commerce services that work seamlessly with your merchants’ selected payment options.


Leverage data

Enjoy a unified and consolidated view of aggregated transactional data across all channels and leverage that data to drive your, and your merchants’ business.

PPaaS connects its partners to an integrated ecosystem, enabling them to deliver advanced payment and commerce services.

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PPaaS connects its partners

Meet PPaaS

The Payments Platform as a Service

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PPaaS Payment Services

  • Global Schemes
  • Alternative Payment Methods
  • Gift Cards

Payment Value-Added Services:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Smart Routing
  • Tokenisation
device management

PPaaS Device Management Services

  • Merchant Onboarding
  • Billing
  • Reporting

Estate Management:

  • Terminal Configuration
  • Terminal Diagnostic
  • Asset Tracking
  • Remote Key Injection

PPaaS Commerce Services

  • Loyalty & Couponing
  • Tax Free Services
  • Digital Receipts
  • Donations & Charity
  • Advertising & Digital Content
  • Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Smart Routing
  • Fraud Management

Our solutions

Built for payment players, integrated software vendors & merchant service solution providers

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Alternative text
PPaaS Payment Services

Set-up payment services required by a Merchant, from “traditional” scheme-based payment services (EMV, etc.) to alternative and advanced payment solutions.


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PPaaS Commerce Services

Let your merchants create, secure and grow their revenue streams using a range of third-party services orchestrated with the Cloud payment application.


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PPaas Device Management Services

PPaaS’ Device Management Services give you what you need to onboard, manage and maintain your terminal estate globally, regardless of the chosen terminal or operating system.

PPaaS Partners

Words from our strategic partners
Kristian Stølen, CCO & Co-founder, Diggecard
Kristian Stølen
CCO & Co-Founder, Diggecard
"At Diggecard, we work with brands around the world, across all industries and of all sizes to help them launch and grow their gift card programme; increasing sales, boosting revenue, attracting new customers and raising brand awareness.
We believe our technology is second to none and that’s why we are happy to partner with PPaaS which we recognize represents the future of instore payments acceptance."
Chris Moore
Director of International Business, ReceiptHero
"Ingenico is a global leader in the payment terminal field; being part of their new Payments Platform as a Service (PPaaS) allows ReceiptHero to access new markets and opportunities without the need to build multiple integrations directly with acquirers.
Our partnership strengthens the availability of consumers getting an enhanced shopping experience with a digital receipt instead of an outdated and unsustainable paper receipt, which have frankly outstayed their welcome."
Nitzan TAL – Head of In-Store Partnerships – Klarna
Nitzan Tal
Head of In-Store Partnerships, Klarna

"Klarna has grown exponentially, engaging 150 million consumers and over 400,000 merchant partners globally with smooth shopping, banking and payment options across e-commerce and in-store locations.

Our best-in-class in-store experience enables our merchant partners to grow their businesses and also implies connecting with multiple devices and solutions, in multiple countries. That’s where partnering with PPaaS and Ingenico is a great lever to scale and accelerate that ‘last-mile integration’ in physical stores, because not only will it speed up Klarna’s connectivity with various points of interaction (Ingenico payment terminals but also other brands as well as softPOS); it will enable us to focus our time and energy on commercial and go-to-market strategies with acquirers and merchants.  For all these reasons, we’re really glad to be among the first players to be part of the PPaaS offering."

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