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Welcome to Ingenico Group Shareholders' corner

The support and loyalty of our private and institutional shareholders are key to our long-term development. Based on mutual trust, our relationship with shareholders is driven by an open dialogue and regular contact.

Contact Shareholders phone number:
+33 1 58 01 85 09

Capital ownership as of December 31th, 2019

Dividend and Shareholders Return

Dividend 2018

  • Record date: 14 June 2019
  • Ex date: 17 June 2019
  • Option period: from June 19 to July 3rd incl., 2019
  • Payment date: 9 July 2019
  • Dividend amount : 1.10 EURO*

*dividend approved at the AGM 2019

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Shareholders meetings

An AGM is held every year to elect the Board of Directors and inform their members of previous and future activities. Find there the financial presentations, notices and voting results. 

In view of the current exceptional circumstances related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the upcoming General Meeting will be held behind closed doors, without the physical presence of its shareholders, at the Company’s registered office, at 02:00 pm on June 11, 2020.

AGM/ June 11th, 2020     Archive

Becoming a shareholder

The Ingenico Group share is listed on the Paris stock market (ISIN code: FR0000125346). Investors wishing to buy Ingenico group shares should transmit their buy orders to their financial intermediary directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of holding shares in registered form?


    As you are known by name, you receive shareholder information and notices of meeting directly from Ingenico Group. You are also entitled to attend shareholders’ meetings with no special formalities required. If you hold your shares in pure registered form, you pay no custody fees or any other expenses. Your dividends are paid directly by Ingenico Group.


    Ingenico Group shares can be sold only in bearer form. This means that if you want to sell your registered shares, whoever administers your account must first convert them to bearer form.

  • How do I convert Ingenico Group shares to registered form?

    To convert your Ingenico Group shares to pure registered form, you should apply in writing to the financial intermediary managing your securities account, requesting that your shares be transferred to CACEIS Corporate Trust, member No. 23 of Euroclear France, and registered “en nominatif pur Nature De Compte 09.” Once it receives your shares, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you a notification of registration and an account activation form.

    For further information, please write to CACEIS Corporate Trust at [email protected]  

  • Can Ingenico Group shares held in a PEA (a French equity savings plan) be converted to pure registered form?

    Shareholders wishing to register Ingenico Group shares already held in a PEA must opt for the administered registered form.
    For further information, please write to CACEIS at [email protected].

  • Can I buy Ingenico Group shares or sell those already held in pure registered form by applying directly to Ingenico Group?

    Ingenico has made it a general rule not to have any involvement in trades on behalf of its shareholders. Shareholders wishing to buy or sell Ingenico Group shares should therefore apply to CACEIS Corporate Trust.

    The procedure for transferring shares is described in the response to question 2

    For further information, please write to CACEIS at [email protected].

  • How can I find out when shareholders’ meetings are going to take place?
    • At least 35 days before the meeting date, a preliminary announcement is published in the BALO (the French gazette containing mandatory legal notices) and in an economic or financial newspaper. The announcement includes the meeting agenda and the resolutions to be submitted for approval. At that stage, neither the agenda nor the resolutions have been finalized.
    • At least 15 days before the meeting date, notice of the meeting is published in the BALO and mailed to all shareholders holding shares in registered form. The notice folder indicates the date, time and place, the rules governing attendance and participation, and contains the agenda, the draft resolutions to be submitted for approval, and the forms for voting by post or by proxy.


  • How can I attend Ingenico Group shareholders’ meetings?

    To facilitate admission to shareholders’ meetings, we advise you to bring along an admission card.

    • If you hold registered shares, you can obtain it from CACEIS Corporate Trust at Service Actionnaires d’Ingenico – CACEIS Corporate Trust – Service Assemblées Générales Centralisées – 14, rue Rouget de Lisle – 92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France, after filling out and returning the form included in the folder.
    • If you hold bearer shares, simply apply to the financial intermediary managing your securities account, who will issue a certificate of participation (“attestation de participation”) providing evidence of your status as a shareholder and send it to CACEIS Corporate Trust along with your request for an admission card. The card will be sent to you by CACEIS Corporate Trust.


    If you have not received your admission card by the meeting date, you are still entitled to attend and vote at the shareholders’ meeting under the following conditions: 

    • You can provide proof of your identity at the registration desk if you hold registered shares;
    • You can provide proof of your identity, as well as the certificate of participation issued by your financial intermediary, if you hold bearer shares.


  • How can I vote at Ingenico Group shareholders’ meetings?

    If you are unable to attend a shareholders’ meeting, you have three options for voting, as shown on the form included in the notice folder:


    • Vote by post: tick the box “I vote by post”; you may also tick the boxes for any resolutions you do not approve of.
    • Give proxy to the Chairman of the Meeting: all you have to do as a shareholder is to sign and date the form at the bottom, without otherwise filling it out. In this case, the Chairman will vote in favor of all the resolutions already submitted and approved by the Board of Directors, and against any resolutions submitted that are not approved by the Board of Directors.
    • Give proxy to your spouse or to another Ingenico shareholder. In this case, tick the relevant box, then fill in the name or business name of your proxy.


    Whichever option you choose, you must send the appropriate documents at least 5 days prior to the date of the meeting to Service Actionnaires d’Ingenico Group – CACEIS Corporate Trust – Service Assemblées Générales Centralisées – 14, rue Rouget de Lisle – 92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France.

    • If you hold registered shares, send the form.
    • If you hold bearer shares, send the form and the certificate of participation issued by your financial intermediary.


  • How to get the minutes rerport of the Annual General Meeting?

    The minutes report and the presentation of each General Meeting are available on this website.

  • How can I obtain the registration document?

    All Ingenico Group registration documents are available on our website. You can download or order them, in which case you will receive them by mail.


  • How do I contact Ingenico Group to obtain financial information?

    For all financial information, please contact Catherine Blanchet, VP investor Relations & Corporate Communication,  at + 33 1 58 01 87 27 or by email at [email protected].

  • How can I find out who is on Ingenico Group’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors?

    You will find all the information of the Ingenico Group Executive committee members and Board of Directors on our website.

  • How can I stay informed about Ingenico Group’s financial results?

    All the information relating to Ingenico group’s financial results is available on our website:

  • How can I found out when Ingenico Group financial information is to be released?

    A calendar is available on our website. It includes the dates and times at which our financial press releases are issued.

  • What index is Ingenico Group listed on?

    Ingenico Group’s share is listed on Euronext Paris and is included in the DJS600, SBF 120, MSCI Small Caps EAFE, and MSCI Small Caps Europe indexes. It is eligible for deferred settlement (SRD) and PEAs (French equity savings plans).

  • Under what code numbers is the Ingenico Group share listed?

    Ingenico Group shares are traded on Euronext Paris. Ticker symbols are as follows

    • ISIN: FR0000125346
    • Reuters: ING.PA
    • Bloomberg: ING FP