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Self-Service management portal

Whether a small business owner, restaurant franchise or direct selling consultant, ROAMmerchant enables merchants to easily manage their business from one centralized location.

An easy-to-use portal provides merchants with the ability to board sub-merchants, customize receipts, issue refunds, export and analyze transaction data, and more. As a merchant, you have the flexibility, visibility, and control needed to successfully run your day-to-day business.

3 key components

  • Capture and store customers’ signatures
  • Provide detailed receipts with product image, descriptions and maps of where transaction occured
  • Perform refunds for any transaction
  • Email/print receipts for completed transactions
  • End-to-end encryption providing secure protection over cardholder data
  • User management capabilities allowing applications to be remotely disabled
  • PIN-based secure user authentication to restrict access and reduce fraud risks
  • Secure offline capabilities to protect against lost wireless network connectivity
  • Customize receipts with branding, messaging and social media links
  • Configure access rights for each sub-line
  • Easy-to-use interface that can be white-labeled for merchant’s brand
ingenico US Mpo Roam merchant

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