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Card readers

Based on thin client architecture requiring the use of a payment gateway to manage the complexity of payment, Ingenico delivers a common platform and software development kit (SDK). It allows banks, acquirers and aggregators to leverage the integration of the Moby lineup with their gateway and benefit from a wide range of readers, selecting the ones which best suit their needs. Our versatile range of compact card readers accepting all transaction types can be moulded to fit an endless array of use cases, from micro-merchants to mobility in the retail environment.

Moby/5500Compact card readers to accept all transaction types

This new generation of PCI V5 certified mobile card readers was designed to meet the requirements of both micro-merchants and retailers. Its standard version allows merchants to use Chip & Sign when its Secure Card Reader PIN version handles Chip & PIN transactions.

Moby/6500Reinvent the mobile PIN pad for micro-merchants

Modern, truly compact and user-friendly, the Moby/6500 was designed especially for micro-merchants. This reliable mobile PIN pad allows any card-based payment to be accepted quickly and securely. 

Moby/8500Flawless design for a mobile payment companion

As one of the first mPOS devices to receive the PCI V5 certification, the Moby/8500 is a secure payment acceptance solution designed for the retail environment. It offers a consumer-friendly look, a lightweight pocket size and an accessory range to efficiently adapt to mobility use cases. 

Ingenico’s 40th anniversary