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AGM 2020 / Preparatory documents & Webcast

In case of connection problems, please copy paste the following URL to a new tab to watch the webcast: https://channel.royalcast.com/ingenico/#!/ingenico/20200611_2

Given the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis and the travel restrictions and measures limiting gatherings imposed by the Government, the Board of Directors of Ingenico Group, at its meeting of April 22, 2020, decided that the Combined Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company will take place on June 11, 2020 at 2 p.m., behind closed doors, without the physical presence of the shareholders, their representatives, or other persons with the right to attend, at the Company's head office.

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting will be broadcast live on the Company's website on June 11, 2020 at 2 p.m. (Paris time).

Voting procedures (detailed instructions are provided in the Notice of Meeting)

Given the circumstances, shareholders are asked not to request an admission card, and must vote remotely, prior to the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting:

- online via the VOTACCESS secure voting platform. The VOTACCESS website will be open from May 22 until June 10, 2020, the day before the meeting, at 3 p.m. (Paris time). To avoid any overload of the VOTACCESS site, shareholders are advised not to wait until the day before the meeting to vote;

- or by correspondence using the form, voting or giving proxy to the Chair of the Shareholders’ Meeting or to a third party.

In view of possible disruption to the postal service, you are advised to vote online or to send your voting form by correspondence to Caceis (Caceis Corporate Trust Service – Assemblées Générales Centralisées, 14 rue Rouget de Lisle, 92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9, France) as soon as possible.

As the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting will take place without the attendance of shareholders, it will not be possible to request an admission card.

- Note: dealing with proxies given to a specifically designated person (excluding the meeting Chair).

Any shareholder who gives proxy to another shareholder, or to their spouse or civil partner, must submit their proxy, naming the proxy, to Caceis Corporate Trust by email or by postal mail. The proxy must be received no later than the fourth day before the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, i.e. June 7, 2020.

The proxy may not represent the shareholder in person at the meeting. The proxy must submit their instructions to carry out their mandates to CACEIS Corporate Trust by email to the following address: [email protected], using the form (available on the website), no later than the fourth day before the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, i.e. June 7, 2020.

The Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting is open to all Ingenico Group shareholders, regardless of the number of shares they hold. The right of shareholders to attend the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting is conditional upon an entry, either in the registered securities accounts maintained by the Company, or in the bearer share accounts maintained by the authorized intermediary, on the second business day before the date of the meeting, i.e. June 9 by midnight, Paris time.

Shareholder’s written questions

It will not be possible to ask questions during the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, nor to file draft amendments or new resolutions.

All shareholders may, however, send written questions to the Company.

Shareholders are advised that use of the postal service has become more difficult in the current health crisis, meaning that the Company may not receive questions in time.

In view of this exceptional situation, we recommend that you send written questions by email to the following address: [email protected]

Furthermore, on an exceptional basis, written questions received by June 8, 2020 (inclusive) will be considered.