Boost NFC acceptance and enhance checkout experience

  • Large touchscreen display combined with a compact consumer-facing terminal
  • Accelerated checkout, with electronic signature and boosted NFC acceptance
  • Designed for the most demanding retail environments


Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/5000 boosts NFC acceptance

All payment methods accepted including QR code payment thanks to an optional camera
Designed for an intensive use & fast checkout in retail
  • Capacitive screen
  • Heavy duty magnetic stripe
  • Smartcard readers optimized to boost transaction speeds
  • Clear contactless zone
3.5'' color touchscreen and ergonomic interface
Highest security
  • Optional PCI compliant privacy shield
  • Detection of abnormal cable removal to alert and inhibit the terminal in the case of threat
  • Anti-theft Kensington lock
Ingenico Lane5000 Contactless Card
Ingenico Lane5000 Chip and Pin
Ingenico Lane5000 Contactless Phone
Ingenico Lane5000 Back View