Ensure payments on the move, safely and fastly

  • All payment methods accepted. Optimized for seamless contactless payment
  • Terminals’ functionality insured with excellent connectivity and long-lasting battery
  • Robust, affordable and functional device to meet merchants’ daily needs


The Move/2600, perfect for grab-and-go use.

Optimized checkout time
  • Multiple alternative payment methods supported
  • Highlighted contactless zone
  • Large keypad and display
Compact yet powerful, designed to address in-store and on-the-move payment
Payment anywhere and anytime
  • Wi-Fi and 4G with fallback to 2G and or 3G
Eco design to reduce carbon footprint and control the use of natural resources
  • Use of components with low power consumption
  • Use of renewable and recycled materials
Optimized autonomy, to handle business all day long
Fast integrated printer
Highest security
  • PCI PTS v6
  • Optional PCI compliant privacy shield
  • Highest physical protection of sensitive data thanks to TETRA vault design
Move2600-3-4-view slider.png
Move2600-3_4right-view slider.png
Move2600-face-view slider.png
Move2600-contactless-view slider.png