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Innovation & R&D, at the heart of our strategy

We believe focused innovation is required to stay ahead in the constantly changing world of commerce today. It’s also the best response to the rapid evolution in commerce and consumer lifestyles. Our strategy for ensuring innovation is built upon a strong internal R&D activity, selective partnerships and targeted acquisitions.


of revenue invested in R&D



Partnerships for innovation




Internal R&D is at the heart of our work on innovation, and the solid foundations upon which our success has been built.

We also rely on our multi-local presence in order to bring innovation to all our solutions.  In order to rapidly position ourselves in market segments with high potential, we also regularly enter into technological and commercial partnerships to speed up our Go-To-Market and learn fast. In such a fast-changing market, sometimes the best and most efficient way to respond to our customers’ needs is to acquire the technology of the expertise required. 


Answering business problematics in a challenging payments ecosystem

Our goal is to innovate by launching solutions answering business problematics in a fast-moving ecosystem.  We see innovation as the point at which three forces intersect: changes in consumer behavior, the breakthroughs brought by new technologies and regulatory issues.

So we imagine solutions solving problems that our customers, the merchants, are facing.

In summary: consumers tell us what we should do; technology tells us what we can do; and regulators tell us what we have the right to do. We take these three forces into account in the way we perceive innovation

A dedicated team working on Disruptive Innovation

Built around a team of experts in marketing, technology and research, Ingenico Labs is the company's center of excellence for innovation and the identification of emerging trends and working with all business lines and all regions where Ingenico operates.

All R&D teams, Marketing teams and the Ingenico Labs are collaborating so that these innovative solutions are quickly brought to market and integrated to our product lines.

Its mission is to:

  • Ideate to find solutions to identified business problematics
  • Design and develop innovative solutions that could disrupt the industry
  • Set-up the necessary partnerships in terms of marketing and technology to speed-up innovation
  • Experiment through proof of concepts and field tests, while learning fast. 

Ingenico is also participating in two incubators in Barcelona and Sao Paulo to work in open innovation

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