Optimising payments, enhancing sustainability

TETRA enables you to leverage Ingenico’s tried and trusted technology, while transitioning to a digital environment. Powered by an OS with a 40-year pedigree, it deploys eco-friendly payment devices backed up by an extensive services suite – including various remote operations in line with our global sustainability policy. 

POS payments

TETRA is powered by a proprietary OS that has stood the test of time.

Adapted to countertop, portable, mobile, lane and self-service applications, it incorporates a broad range of devices. Designed with varying environments in mind, they cover every payment scenario.

Ingenico Tetra POS
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Payment Application

TETRA provides you with the world’s largest portfolio of payment applications, all of them compatible with any generation of the platform.

Over 3,500 individual payment methods are available for every geography, delivering solutions for every local need.

Our TETRA Terminals

Estate and Secutity Management

Estate & Security Management

Our web-based portal enables you to manage and secure your payment terminals seamlessly, from one centralised location. You can provision and update your devices, while keeping them secure, connected and performing flawlessly. The Estate Manager solution provides options that include remote maintenance and helpdesk and asset tracking. You can also maximise your estate security, with digital security tools including remote key injection, e-Sign and P2PE solutions.

Operating systems

Customer Care

From consulting through to repair and maintenance and end-of-life management, we’re here to help. And you decide just how much help you need, from à la carte services to a fully-outsourced package.


Sustainable Design

TETRA terminals are built to last, with a commitment to sustainability. Their eco-design delivers an improved environmental impact, with reduced plastic mass, reduced-size PCBs, reduced energy consumption, and fully recycled packaging materials.   

  • Carbon footprint

    Carbon footprint

    Reduced energy consumption, thanks to eco-designed terminals and digitalised services (digital receipt solution, remote helpdesk, self diagnostic, remote key injections, digital signature tools, etc.).

  • recycling

    Use of natural resources

    Use of renewable and recycled materials, decreased consumption of raw materials translates into reduced plastic mass, reduced-size PCBs, recycled packaging materials.

  • settings


    Repairability index aims at extending the lifespan of terminals and their repairability.