Simplicity at the heart of countertop payment

  • Enable all payment means, including an optimised contactless validation
  • Integrate easily with shop counter environment thanks to a wide range of wired connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery back-up for business continuity


Desk/2600 covers all payment methods with a focus on contactless validation. Nimble in design, Desk/2600 series takes up a limited room on the counter.

Optimised checkout time
  • Multiple alternative payment methods supported
  • Highlighted contactless zone
  • Large keypad and display
  • Paired with Desk/1600, saving space on the worktop and speeding up checkout
Seamless integration​ with wired POS device
  • MagicBox offering various wired connectivity
  • Compatible with Desk/1600 through one single cable
Maximised network availability
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G/GPRS with dual SIM
  • Battery back-up to cover power loss
Enhanced security
  • PCI PTS v6
  • Optional PCI compliant privacy shield
  • Highest physical protection of sensitive data thanks to TETRA vault design
Ingenico Countertop Desk2600-side view
Ingenico Countertop Desk2600 with Magic box
Ingenico Countertop Desk2600 front view
Ingenico Countertop Desk2600 vs Desk1600
Ingenico Countertop Desk2600-back view

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