Leverage the full potential of your estate

A flexible and versatile solution to configure, manage and efficiently update payment terminals, while keeping them secure, connected and performing flawlessly.

Estate illustraition
Support your merchants on their journey towards business success.
Never lose track of your terminal with geofencing.
Terminal lock
Keep devices secure and up-to-date for business-critical transactions.
Deploy new services using business applications.
Office support

Estate Management Package

Today’s estate management is becoming more and more complex as acceptance points increase and regulatory pressure intensifies.

That’s where the Estate Manager can help. It offers a flexible and versatile solution to help you simply and efficiently manage a diverse range of payment terminals and security protocols.
The Estate Manager helps you maintain full control of your estate on a daily basis, enabling you to monitor and manage the configuration and behaviour of all terminals in your estate at all times.


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Why choose Estate Management?

Acquire new merchants, ensure you’re meeting new regulations, and offer new services to grow client relationships and generate additional revenue streams.

  • Deploy a robust management system to ensure your estate is always operational in order to perform the necessary transactions.
  • Monitor configurations in real-time and provide a best-in-class service while controlling overall costs.
  • Manage your terminals remotely, wherever they are located, regardless of business type, terminal brand or operating system.

Maximise payment device availability, while remaining in full control of costs


Safe & Secure

Make sure your terminals are always up-to-date.


Track and Control

Manage anytime and efficiently your fleet with MDM, geofencing and real-time synchro.


Support Your Merchant

Improve remote maintenance using terminal diagnostics, remote desktop features and real-time synchro.


Deploy New Services

Let your merchants install business applications on their terminals through the Appstore.

Web-based ergonomics for a seamless user experience

Real-time synchro

Propagate instantly any request to the terminal.

Software provisioning

Control and update all of the software elements which are running on your payment terminals.

Mobile Device Management

Remotely control the Android settings of your payment fleet.


Define the reference location for a given terminal and the limits that it shall not reach.

Remote helpdesk and desktop

Gain real-time access to terminal data for quicker and efficient technical support.

TEM-Interface-Remote helpdeskJUN23_1.png

Create your AppStore and decide which of your merchants will have access to certain business applications.

Terminal diagnostics

Produce a merchant report highlighting a specific terminal’s issue.


Two bundles to fit your merchant needs

With the Estate Manager, supervising your estate has never been easier- fully manage the terminal’s lifecycle and optimise your TCO all in one.
Core offer Premium
Software application download
Software application download true true
Parameters management
Parameters management true true
OS update
OS update true true
Support of non-Ingenico terminals
Support of non-Ingenico terminals true true
MDM for Android
MDM for Android true true
Real-Time Synchro
Real-Time Synchro true true
REST APIs for integration
REST APIs for integration true true
Remote Key Injection
Remote Key Injection true
Remote Helpdesk
Remote Helpdesk true
Multimedia Content Management
Multimedia Content Management true
Heartbeat and alerting
Heartbeat and alerting true
Asset tracking
Asset tracking true
App Store
App Store true
Terminal Diagnostics
Terminal Diagnostics true