Portable Devices

Seamless shopping, wherever you are

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, our Portable range allows you to create a seamless shopping experience that is remote from the checkout.

Easy to transport, with full connectivity
Create secure, smart and mobile points of sale
Advanced business apps such as delivery, taxi, loyalty, home services, click & collect, stock inventory...
DX4000D_payment w watch_HD.png

Get the job done, hassle-free

Whether it is a peak sales shopping day, you are darting around the city on deliveries, or a customer is enquiring about a product availability, our Portable range is here to help.

Easy to transport with its nimble design, it offers a full spectrum of wireless connectivity. Keeping you in business, no matter where you are.

Speed up your payment process

Our compact, robust devices give you all the benefits of portability, whether you’re on the go or in-store.

Designed to handle any payment method, they deliver everything you need to create a secure, smart and mobile point of sale.

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Stay ahead of the game

Our terminals facilitate vertical businesses, by integrating business apps such as delivery, taxi and home services.

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