Accelerating Android in Peru with Izipay

With a rapidly growing customer base of more than 550,000 merchants, Izipay is the largest acquirer in Peru to accept all payment schemes.



The partnership with Ingenico will enable Izipay to introduce new functionalities and business applications into the Peruvian payment ecosystem. Merchants will be able to increase sales made using digital wallets and QR codes, and rapidly integrate value-added services for their customers such as tipping, loyalty programs and pay-by-link.



The decade-long relationship between Ingenico and Izipay has grown in strength and scale and has become an important driver of financial inclusion in the Peruvian economy. As a long-standing Ingenico customer, Izipay has deployed payment terminals that cover all segments of the market, including Move/5000 and Link/2500 devices.

Supported by a dedicated R&D and Sales team at Ingenico, the partnership has allowed merchants in Peru to accept the widest

range of card payments at low cost and in

full security, providing consumers with new possibilities for payment and accelerating the growth of cashless transactions across the country.

The deployment of the AXIUM ecosystem along with DX8000-2 terminals represents a new chapter in the flourishing relationship of Ingenico and Izipay. The DX8000-2 is the first device in the Peruvian market to come complete with Android 10 and with PCI- PTS v. 6 certification.

Together, the two partners will transform the payment terminal into an enabler of new business applications and use cases.


The Challenge

Merchants and consumers in Peru have strong expectations from payment services providers. Consumers want to use contactless cards, digital wallets and alternative payment methods. Payment needs to be as smooth and seamless as possible.

For their part, merchants want to increase their e-commerce volumes and offer their customers the opportunity of payment by link and other alternatives. They are also looking to improve the payment experience of their consumers, run value-added business apps on their terminals and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their estate.

With the AXIUM DX8000-2 and the non-proprietary operating system of Android 10, Izipay can respond to the rapidly changing requirements of all parts of the payment ecosystem.

The Solution

The AXIUM DX8000-2 is the smart payment and commerce solution for in-store performance. It offers a best-in-class digital experience while optimising performance, productivity and security.

Support team

Ingenico’s 360 ̊ offer to Izipay includes the payment toolkit, software development kit and the Android 10 operating system. The payment application developed by Ingenico for the solution is integrated into Izipay’s own app to facilitate rapid deployment and ensure ease-of-use.

Top-level security is ensured by full compliance with PCI PTS v.6.

State-of-the-art hardware

With a 2600mAh battery that lasts the entire working day, a 5.5” capacitive touch screen, front and rear cameras of 0.3MP and 5MP respectively, and a USB Type C connector, the hardware of the DX8000-2 makes it by far the most advanced device with printer in Izipay’s portfolio and delivers the best user experience in Peru.

A full range of 4G fallback, 3G, dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity ensures payment anywhere and anytime. The device’s powerful processor increases speed and output and is optimised to help merchants to take full advantage of the Android 10 operating system.

Customer care in a heartbeat

Ingenico’s partnership with Izipay includes the latest advances in estate management. Leveraging the power of The Estate Manager (TEM), Ingenico’s remote management solution, Izipay can update software, ensure compliance, minimise terminal downtime and maximise revenue for its merchants.


Izipay will be able to deploy Ingenico’s Heartbeat solution which is a regular remote check-in to the terminal to make sure that all is well, confirm that the device is located where it should be, and initiate any remedial action needed. Support for hardware repair and maintenance will be provided locally.

Ingenico’s R&D team will guarantee compliance with international standards and certifications and ensure that every terminal is configured to support the widest possible range of use cases.


The Outcome

Harnessing the full power of Android 10, Ingenico’s AXIUM DX8000-2 solution will enable Izipay to offer merchants new value-added functionalities that are easy to integrate into their payment processes.

Delivering secure payments with a world-class user experience, Ingenico’s offering to Izipay will welcome Peruvian merchants into the world of Android and accelerate their business growth. Supported by Ingenico, Izipay will roll out applications that enrich the point of sale for merchants and their customers.

With reduced time-to-market and simplified deployment of a full suite of services, Izipay’s merchants will be able to create an enhanced user experience, gain increased insight into their business, and transform the point of payment into an opportunity to create new value for their customers.

The adoption of the AXIUM platform will undoubtedly help us strengthen our position as leader in innovative products for merchants. It will accelerate our time to market for new features by simplifying the process
of deploying and integrating business applications through APIs.
Felipe Venturo CEO Izipay
Our solutions enable acquirers like Izipay to move forward and take advantage of the opportunities from using the Android environment in the new world of digital commerce, so that they can offer an increasingly secure and innovative payment solution to their consumers.
Helcio Beninatto, Worldline TSS CEO Latin America