Self Modular

Highly ruggedised and secured terminals for intensive outdoor use 

  • Accepts all payment types and complies with the latest standards
  • Fits into any existing kiosk thanks to its dual form factors
  • Prevents vandalism and fraud

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Terminal specifications

Easy and secure integration of cashless payment into selfservice businesses, while providing a simple consumer experience through an easy-to-use interface.

All methods of payment accepted
  • Designed for intensive use cases: IK10/IK10+
  • Indoor our outdoor: IP65/IP44
Fit into any existing kiosk
  • Self/8000, compliant with EVA EPS v2 and provides an easy upgrade path from the iUP250 but also competitive legacy configurations
  • Add-on boxes to build the desired configurations (MDB, 4G, BT). Upgradeable in the field
User friendly
  • Easy-to-use customer interface thanks to a simple UI
  • Mechanical keyboard for PIN entry and color display for Self/8000
  • Card reader LEDs to allow for easier card insertion
  • Presence detector to automatically light up the keyboard for night time use
  • Luminosity sensor to manage efficently the energy consumption
Raising the bar on security with PCI PTS v6
Ingenico Self Modular Self 8000 Contactless
Ingenico Self Modular Self 7000 3/4 View
Ingenico Self Modular Self 7000 Card Pad
Ingenico Self Modular Self 7000 Side view
Ingenico Self Modular Self 8000 Back View