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Adding dynamic EFTPOS capabilities to Point Of Sale

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Add dynamic terminal capabilities to Point Of Sale

POSgate is supported by a suite of business solutions for integration into Point of Sale systems and it supports Ingenico Telium 2, Tetra and AXIUM Android hardware range.

POSgate provides access to a set of business tools and Value Added Applications. It is complemented by a Business Reporting platform which provides a view of transactions including cash, vouchers and Business Intelligence reports.

  • terminal

    Single interface

    A single POS interface for all merchant environments, fixed or mobile with no reliance on in-store servers

  • path intersect

    Seamless integration

    Integrate seamlessly with existing merchant software solutions to create a smooth payments process

  • centralized

    Universal solution

    A supported interface throughout Asia Pacific, adapted by multiple integrators and acquirers across many popular operating systems

  • app-store

    Value-added services

    Supports integration of Value Added services at the POS

Supported Partners

Main implementations

Standard Implementation

POSgate provides many solutions to implementing an integrated solution. In most cases, a driver called PCL is used by POSgate to provide a shared communications layer between the PINpad and POSgate, as well as delivering payment requests to the bank via the POS systems LAN, WiFi or 3G/4G data connection

Infography-APAC– pos section- Standard Implementation.png
Phone / Tablet

The most common method used to provide an integrated mobile POS solution. The PINpad connects to the tablet using a Bluetooth connection where supported by the terminal and uses the phone or tablet to provide connectivity to the POS application and the bank for delivering payment transactions.

Infography-APAC– pos section- Phone-Tablet.png
Using Serial / USB

Many countertop POS systems support either serial or USB as a standard connection option for peripheral devices, such as PINpads. It is also possible to power the PINpad using a USB port. Where the POS is unable to provide power, Ingenico can provide a cable with a power injector.

In this configuration, the PINpad will send all payment messages from the PINpad to POSgate for delivery to the bank via the POS system’s LAN connection.

Infography-APAC– pos section- Serial - USB.png
Using Serial / USB & IP to the Bank

Where the point of sale has a serial connection to the POS and is unable to handle the communications to the bank to process the payment, the PINpad can have an independent connection via Ethernet, WIFI or 4G to the bank for transaction delivery.

Infography-APAC– pos section- Serial -USB & IP to the Bank_0.png
Ingenico POS solutions

Powerful and flexible API

POSgate allows you to implement easily your check-out solutions using a variety of POS solutions with connectivity options to suit most merchants’ environments. 

The POSgate API provides a simple interface to the POS and hides much of the communications requirements and error handling from the POS application.

Tailoring solutions to suit merchant environments

Work with developers and vendors that have their payment solutions and implementation accredited by Ingenico, ensuring functions and processes attains the minimum standards for live payments.

Ingenico - Tailoring solutions to suit merchant environments

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