Peace of mind guaranteed

The turnkey hardware services package to ensure payment availability, reliability and security

hardware services package
Make the most out of your investment so you can focus on your core business.
Benefit from unmatched service support and customised service packages to meet your specific business needs.
Keep your investment up to date throughout the POS life cycle without any additional costs.
Benefit from top level expertise and service support wherever you are.
Unmatched expertise

Unmatched expertise and a network of qualified experts

We take care of payment availability, reliability and security to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We deliver the turnkey services needed to keep your fleet performing flawlessly, without interruption. Regardless of the industry you’re in - banking, processing or retail, you can count on our comprehensive suite of services.

Scalable and customisable solutions
throughout the POS lifecycle


Consulting Services

Presale consulting to pick & choose the right payment terminal and services for your business needs.


Terminal Delivery

Terminals are delivered by post, ready for auto installation by the merchant.


Ongoing Support

Call centre to meet all support needs all around the clock and field support to preserve business anytime.



End to end service including terminal swaps, recycling and key destruction as requested by PCI standards.


Hardware Services Package

With the Hardware Services Package, we provide clients a unique set of door-to-door services, delivering solutions with customised configurations to all geographies and markets. Your initial investment in terminals are preserved throughout the life cycle regardless of age or technology.

Two bundles to fit your merchant needs

With its unique geographic footprint, you can count on us to provide a comprehensive suite of services, backed by an unmatched expertise and network of qualified experts.
Basic Premium
Self-Care Portal
Self-Care Portal true true
Standard Helpdesk
Standard Helpdesk true
Expert Helpdesk
Expert Helpdesk true
Repair true true
Installation true
SWAP services
SWAP services true
Replacement & Recycling
Replacement & Recycling true