Accreditation Process

The accreditation process is the minimum standard required to be able to use POSgate for live payments.

Ingenico Accreditation Process
Ingenico Accreditation

Safeguarding the Integrity of Payment applications

Prior to POSgate being in production, it is a requirement that the implementation be accredited by Ingenico and if required, by the bank. 

This process is designed to ensure that the implementation functions correctly and is able to recover from errors. 

How to get Accredited

The actual accreditation process can be done remotely, with the developer providing Ingenico with copies of receipts and screen captures from the PINpad. The process itself consists of testing the ability of handling the following functionality or failures:

Device configuration
Purchase and refund transactions
icn singature
Handling signature validation
icon terminal
Power failure on PINpad and POS
icon repair
Application failure on desktop solutions
Retrieving last receipt
icon analytics
Checking status of last transaction