Retail PIN Pad

Fast checkouts for satisfied customers

Helping you to reduce checkout times and improve customer engagement, in demanding retail environments.

Robust, fast and effective lane & self-checkout
Value-added services deployed via a user-friendly interface
Easy to connect to existing retail infrastructure

Speed up your checkouts

Our terminals are designed to make your life easier, helping you manage a high volume of non-stop transactions everyday.

Optimised for high performance and intensive use, they can support all payment methods while delivering faster transaction flows and a seamless customer experience.

Strengthen customer engagement

Deploy easily value-added services, such as warranty programs or Buy Now Pay Later.

They are all available via large screen and a user-friendly Android interface, with a touch screen for easy electronic signatures.

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Easy to integrate in demanding retail environments

With their robust design, our terminals are easy to connect with existing retail infrastructure, including ECR, peripherals and accessories.

Customisable features cover all retail touchpoints: at grocery store check-out lanes, at department store counters, or at self-checkout kiosks.

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