Transform payments with your mobile device and allow easy acceptance in a secure environment at minimal cost.

Turn your smartphone into a checkout solution
Accept contactless transactions within a minute of downloading an application
Deliver next-level consumer experience on the move
Powered by Ingenico and its recent acquisition of Phos, SoftPOS revolutionizes the way you accept payments by turning your smartphone or tablet into a secure payment terminal. We offer a top-tier, secure, and flexible SoftPOS solution that meets the highest payment security standards for acquirers and PSPs.
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Why Choose SoftPOS for Your Digital Payment Needs?

The digital payment landscape is evolving, and businesses are recognizing the benefits of transitioning from cash to digital payments.

SoftPOS, now backed by Ingenico's global expertise, is the perfect entry point for:



Accept payments on-the-spot, right when you deliver your service.


Pop-Up Stores

Operate independently from your main outlet and still accept digital payments.


Small Businesses

Dip your toes into the digital payment ecosystem without a hefty investment.


Your business!

Initiate your journey into payment acceptance in a straightforward, secure, and cost-effective manner.


A comprehensive suite of services

Our solution includes seamless acquirer integration, certification and supports all major international payment schemes, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even QR code-based payments.

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    Customizable User Experience with Phos

    The Phos app, now a part of Ingenico's robust offerings, enhances your SoftPOS experience by offering dynamic branding based on user profiles and a white-label version for a personalized touch.

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    SoftPOS In-Store Use Cases

    Innovative businesses can easily integrate tap-to-pay functionalities using SoftPOS. Equip your sales associates with SoftPOS-enabled devices to streamline the payment process and eliminate long checkout lines.

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Device-Agnostic Payment Solutions by Ingenico's PPaaS

PPaaS extends its device-agnostic capabilities to SoftPOS, broadening the range of payment and commerce services usually available to this market segment. With the acquisition of Phos, Ingenico reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge payment solutions across various platforms.