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Ingenico LABS

A dedicated team working on Disruptive Innovation

Our dedicated team of marketing, technology, and research specialists serves as the driving force behind innovation and the detection of emerging trends within our organization. Our collaborative endeavors span across all business divisions and encompass every geographical region where Ingenico operates.



  • Gain insights into potential industry disruptions
  • Conceptualize and craft innovative solutions
  • Conduct experiments via proof of concepts (POCs) and field tests
  • Forge crucial partnerships to expedite the pace of innovation

Dynamic of commerce

At Ingenico, we hold the strong conviction that focused innovation is a cornerstone for sustaining competitiveness in the dynamic realm of commerce. It stands as the most impactful response to the rapid evolution of commerce and the evolving lifestyles of consumers. Our commitment to ensuring innovation is grounded in robust internal research and development initiatives, strategic partnerships, and purpose-driven acquisitions.

A multi-stakeholder community

Internal collaborations:

Our extensive team of payment experts is a valuable asset. We actively seek the input and involvement of our internal staff to contribute their insights and ideas towards crafting pertinent solutions.

Partner universities

We benefit from a continuous influx of fresh talent that brings forth and shares new ideas, technologies, and approaches. These contributions hold the potential to result in groundbreaking innovations that can reshape the world of payments.


We engage in two specialized incubators fostering open innovation. Our partnership entails aiding in market identification, enhancing solutions, and accelerating go-to-market strategies.

Business Partners

We cultivate partnerships with various business entities. These partnerships may involve technology collaborations to access capabilities we may not possess, go-to-market alliances targeting specific markets and verticals beyond our scope, and schemes partnerships aimed at driving the adoption of innovative solutions.

PalmVein La parisien_Listing image_0.png

Our latest domain of exploration

Palm vein authentication

A state-of-the-art biometric payment solution offering the utmost in security, precision, and user convenience. This pioneering advancement enables merchants to accelerate the checkout process, reduce queues, mitigate fraud risks, and optimize the customer experience.

Explore, envision, and innovate with us to shape the future of payments.

Ingenico Labs welcomes partnerships with businesses of all sizes, whether large or small, to participate in the thrilling adventure of jointly crafting innovative solutions throughout the entirety of the innovation process.


Our expertise

  • Comprehensive expertise in payment and retail
  • Strong understanding of regulations and certifications
  • Advanced innovation methodologies
  • A global presence spanning across the world

What we seek

  • Cutting-edge technology partnerships
  • Strategic go-to-market collaborations
  • Diverse and versatile partnership opportunities
Ingenico - Loan

​​​​​​​Advantages & Outcomes

  • Collaborative learning for rapid progress
  • Global market accessibility
  • Discovery of novel business models
  • Introduction of innovative services
  • Valuable user feedback acquisition

Empower Innovation: collaborate with us!

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