Harness the power of Android for your payment solutions

Step into the future with AXIUM OS, a state-of-the-art android based operating system designed to empower your Android AXIUM devices with innovative services each day.

Watch your AXIUM POS evolve and grow more powerful under AXIUM OS, ensuring top-tier security and enabling the deployment of fresh applications throughout its entire lifecycle.


AXIUM OS is the preferred solution for:


Estate Owners

Developing your own android payment app? AXIUM OS allows you to leverage a secure and open OS that accelerates integration, meeting all your expectations as a software developer. Design and deploy your unique android  payment solutions with ease and confidence.


Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)

Leading a sales organization? AXIUM OS is your go-to. When distributing bank solution to merchants and operating maintenance, AXIUM OS caters to your unique needs. Even if you don't develop android payment applications, AXIUM OS helps you confidently rely on acquirers, ensuring you stay at the forefront of secure, innovative payment solutions.


Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

When developing and reselling products to Estate Owners or Merchants, AXIUM OS offers you a platform that meets your software development needs while ensuring you can provide the best product to your customers. Speed up your integration process and offer a trusted and state-of-the-art solution to your clients.


Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

When developing applications required to package solutions for merchant, AXIUM OS offers a platform that meets your software development needs while ensuring you can package the best solution to your customers. AXIUM OS a platform for innovation and growth is built to last, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.



Developing business applications on Android devices? AXIUM OS gives you access to a full developer-friendly environment with powerful tools to develop smoothly business applications on Android Smart POS.

Speed up the integration of your payment and business solutions with a secure OS designed to last, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.


Keep at the forefront security and deploy new applications during the entire life-cycle

With AXIUM OS, all AXIUM Smart POS will benefit from evolutions in terms of security patches, kernel versions, SDK to develop any payment applications and APIs to always make it easier business application integration.

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Get the most out of AXIUM Smart POS with secure updates and new software features
Reduce time-to-market for AXIUM Smart POS introduction, leveraging your initial software investment
Integrate seamlessly your payment methods and business applications with AXIUM Smart POS
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Benefits from one single integration, using the same reference payment application and the same development tools for all AXIUM devices

A user-friendly developer environment

Benefits from powerful tools removing the pain of complex integration, development and accelerating time to market.

  • API documentation, code samples and a dedicated support accelerating the integration in your developer environment
  • Payment Reference Design, an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand software package to kickstart the development of payment applications
  • AXIUM Tookit application to test and validate seamlessly the applications developed on AXIUM devices in real-time