Adapted to your environment

Our solutions are designed to dovetail seamlessly with every industry vertical. Discover how our terminals adapt to the specific use case scenarios of your sector.

Payment solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

We provide SMBs with payment solutions to develop new services that used to be limited to large retailers. With devices that address any new payment scenario  and comprehensive suite of services, we support your daily business.

Retail payment solutions

Payment solutions for retail and large shops

We are a trusted partner for the world’s leading retail brands, serving customers in over 125 countries across the globe. Whatever your segment and POS, we help you connect with the next generation of consumers. 

Hospitality payment solutions

Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel or an event operator, our innovative and secure payment solutions will keep your customers happy. Our devices supply you with a quick payment methods and offer additional services to improve your quality of service.


Transportation payment solutions

From open payment to mobile and self-service payment, our transportation solutions drive secure, fast and personalised passenger experiences.  Onboard payment and add-on products and services enable you to deliver a more profitable experience with ease. Leverage our mobile solutions to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Vending payment solutions

Vending machines offer a faster service, a wide selection of products, 24/7 access and unique opportunities for upselling. Currently, cashless payments are transforming the vending industry and our solutions offer the flexibility and convenience of accepting any form of electronic payment.


Payment solutions for gas and EV charging stations

From gas pumps to EV charging stations, payment is the heart of the travel experience. Our solutions offer a simple and secure customer journey, delivering speed and convenience for all. And with guaranteed 24/7 operation, they can be rolled out in the most rugged and intensive-use environments.