Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to driving ethical, transparent and inclusive growth for all of our stakeholders without compromising the future generations’ ability to meet their needs. To support this ambition, we are designing a programme with clear targets that encompasses all of our activities, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With a close eye on governance, our sustainability team is dedicated to deploying this program throughout our company and our environment.

Foundations for a sustainable future


Our people are the cornerstone of our success.

At Ingenico, we believe that diversity and inclusion are key for a strong performance. By fostering talents worldwide, we are laying the groundwork for our future growth.

Sustainability & Repairability

Climate change mitigation

Responding to climate change involves concrete actions.

We are pursuing an ambitious programme to limit the carbon footprint of our infrastructures and activities, along with the way our solutions are used.

Circular design

We believe in development through sustainable innovation.

We design our products so that their energy consumption and use of non-renewable resources are significantly reduced. We are also working to improve the repairability and recycling of our products.


Corporate citizenship

We believe in setting a positive example.

As a socially conscious and responsible market leader, Ingenico is committed to managing the societal impact of our operations, products and business relationships, as well as ensuring a lasting, positive impact on our community.

Building a better tomorrow

Learn how our Code of Ethics influences the way we behave and conduct business at Ingenico.

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