Shop! is the innovative solution for stores and tourists that transforms the Tax Free Shopping experience in the European Union. Designed for convenience and efficiency, our application streamlines the creation of Tax Free forms, making international shopping easier than ever.

Key Functionality:

  • Rapid Form Creation: With shop, stores can generate Tax Free forms quickly and conveniently. Our intuitive system ensures a hassle-free process for tourist tax refunds.
  • Passport Scanning Technology: We have simplified the process as much as possible. Stores can scan the tourist's passport for quick data retrieval. If the tourist is already registered, their information will be automatically retrieved with just their ID.
  • Delivery Flexibility: Tax Free forms can be printed directly or sent by e-mail, offering versatility for both the store and the customer.

For European Community Shops: shop is the perfect tool for stores selling VAT exempt products. Our application not only facilitates the Tax Free process, but also ensures that once the form is generated, the store can forget about the rest of the process. We take care of everything, ensuring that the tourist receives their refund efficiently.

Benefits for Shops:

  • Simplified Process: Forget about complicated procedures. shop makes handling Tax Free a simple and stress-free process.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhance the shopping experience of international tourists by offering them fast and reliable service.
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduce the administrative burden and focus your efforts on what really matters: your customers and products.

Download shop today and join the Tax Free Shopping revolution in Europe.!! is a revolutionary digital platform committed to transforming the tourism trade by introducing a streamlined Tax Refund App. This innovation aims to enhance the shopping experience for tourists and open up new business opportunities. The! app is designed to provide passport reading capabilities, meaning customers don't need to re-enter their data in different stores. It also includes a wallet profile and a QR code recognition system for added convenience.