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Adding dynamic EFTPOS capabilities to Point Of Sale

Ingenico Pos for developpers

About Developing

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  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Netbeans
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Operating Systems Options / Languages

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
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Communications Options

  • IP
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth (refer to supported iOS devices)
  • 4G
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Connectivity Options

  • USB
  • Serial
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
Ingenico Programer

Utilises Ingenico’s EFTPOS terminals

Proven hardware from a reputable source, certified for use in multiple countries, and backed by a global support network.

Scalable Plug-Ins Support

New features can be added to the system that can extend functionality without affecting existing certifications. This reduces cost and time to market while introducing new features.

Ingenico Programer
Ingenico Programer

Customisable EFTPOS Dialogs on the POS

Have your own look and feel with the built-in dialogs. No need to develop your own EFTPOS dialogs to interact with the PINpad.

Supported on Major Operating Systems

Use your existing technology or make your technology choices independent of any EFTPOS integration requirements.

Ingenico Programer
Ingenico Programer

A Single API Integration

Reduce integration steps and development times through a single API integration.

Native Development Interface Libraries

Program your Point of Sale in whatever language you like – there is an Interface Library to suit your needs.

Ingenico Programer

Support for Plug-Ins 

POSgate supports plug-ins development and installation on either the Point of Sale system, or on the terminal and implements a common method of calling any plug-in.

Plug-ins on the POS system can be developed by the POS vendor or may be supplied by Ingenico. Plug-ins on the payment terminal must be built by Ingenico.

  • Current plug-ins available support the following capabilities and can be modified to suit merchant needs:

    • Reading non PCI mag stripe cards, such as club, loyalty and gift cards
    • Reading staff cards and requesting access codes from the payment terminal
    • Reading barcodes using devices fitted with a barcode reader

    In preparation:

    • Ability for POS application to print non-payment receipts using a payment terminal’s printer
    • Custom plug-ins for merchant requirements