Italy: TETRA Next Generation hits the 50k target in the first quarter


TETRA next generation has been designed to leverage Ingenico’s tried and trusted technology, while optimising payments and enhancing sustainability. Adapted to countertop, portable, mobile, lane and self-service use cases, TETRA covers every payment scenario. It incorporates a broad range of eco-friendly payment terminals that support the largest existing portfolio of payment applications.  Furthermore, alongside Ingenico’s Terminal as a Service (TaaS), managing and maintaining your terminal estate has never been simpler. You can future-proof your payment acceptance infrastructure, with support from Ingenico throughout the terminal lifecycle.

During Q1 2023 more than 50k next generation terminals were distributed in Italy, all of which were Bancomat certified since December 2022. This is clear evidence that our customers are keen to move to this innovative range and make it the main pillar of their offer.
Paolo Temporiti, Head of Italy, CESEE & Middle East at Ingenico
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During 2023, our next generation terminals will gradually replace the previous TETRA models, bringing new benefits to merchants. They continue to be compatible with the current TETRA payment apps and the TETRA ecosystem. But they offer a refreshed design, improved performance and future-proofed compliancy.

Ingenico is continuously investing in R&D to develop the most advanced terminals of the market. From TETRA to Android, our terminals are backed up by an extensive suite of services – including Estate & Security Management and Customer Care that offers a range of remote operations in line with our global sustainability policy.
Cedric Le Cren, Head of R&D for EMEA region at Ingenico

TETRA next generation has been designed taking into account feedback from end users, enhanced sustainability credentials and the latest security standards.

While consumer needs are always evolving, seamless and secure payments remain constant. And, TETRA is a proven technology, powered by a proprietary OS that has stood the test of time.

Learn more about Ingenico TETRA on our website and watch this video:


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Paolo Temporiti

Paolo Temporiti

Head of Italy, CESEE & Middle East at Ingenico

With over 25 years’ experience in the world of payments in Italy and Europe, Paolo joined Ingenico in September 2020 to the strategic direction in Italy, Central-South-Est Europe and Middle East. Previously he has held senior roles for Cardtek, ACI Worldwide, as well as a variety of Banking and Fintech operators, and was SVP of Business Development in First Data’s International Regions with responsibility for their issuing and acquiring solutions. A graduate in Economics, Paolo has been involved in the development of new technological solutions and has actively driven some of the most significant developments in the sector.

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