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Advanced Payment Methods

Bring In-Store Payment Diversity

Innovative solutions for broadening payment horizons and offering a smoother customer experience.

  • Offer your merchants a variety of payment options to enhance their customer's convenience and flexibility.
  • Enable instant payments to enhance merchant operational efficiency and streamline transactions.
  • Improve merchants' customers satisfaction by simplifying and speeding up payments.
  • Ensure security and prevent fraud while leveraging APM solutions.
Buy Now Pay Later

Shop Now, Pay Later: Empower the Purchase Experience

A user-friendly and transparent option, enhancing the shopping experience, directly available at checkout.

  • Boost in-store customer loyalty by offering preferential payment options that provide greater control over purchases.
  • Boost merchants' sales and conversions, attracting younger demographics.
  • Remove barriers for customers who favor debit cards and elevate the average transaction value at merchant’s stores.
  • Let your merchants enjoy upfront payments while their customers pay conveniently over time.
Digital Receipts

Step Into Sustainable Commerce

A solution where convenience meets eco-consciousness, enhancing customer experience while supporting your green initiatives.

  • Help your merchants simplify checkout and reduce wait times by sending receipts directly via email or mobile.
  • Go green and minimize paper waste by deploying a digital receipts solution.
  • Aid your merchants in cutting paper, printing, and storage costs to boost their profitability.
Gift Card services

Drive Revenue and Customer Engagement

A seamless integration of gift card partners to deploy services across any stores

  • Implement gift card solutions smoothly at your merchant's stores.
  • Assist your merchants in boosting sales with enticing gift cards, fostering loyalty, and attracting new customers.
  • Provide your merchants with a range of enhanced services, enabling them to stand out from the crowd.
Dynamic Currency conversion

Boost International Sales

A convenient currency conversion service that enhances revenue while improving customer satisfaction

  • Offer home currency payments to boost spending and revenue at the merchant's store.
  • Provide seamless, transparent currency conversion for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Expand the merchant's customer base by catering to international visitors.
Loyalty Card Linked Offer services

Unlock Insights, Drive Engagement

Streamlined consumer identification processes, designed to enhance and optimize the management of loyalty programs by your merchants.

  • Streamline customer identification for your merchants through card PAN tokenization.
  • Help your merchants quickly identify CLO memberships to boost engagement.
  • Enable your merchants to efficiently identify loyalty card transactions for accurate reporting and seamless reward management.
  • Help your merchants in seamlessly expanding loyalty programs with in-store sign-ups, speeding up checkout and enhancing purchases.
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Omnichannel Payment Services

Connect the dots between the sales channels

A comprehensive solution to streamline payment processes across online, in-store, and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless and unified payment experience for customers.

  • Enable your merchants to reach customers wherever they prefer to shop, maximizing sales opportunities.
  • Simplify payment processing and reconciliation with a centralized platform, saving time and reducing errors for your merchants.
  • Guarantee security through Tokenization, an advanced security measure.