The Future of Merchant Services - Redefined

Merchant DX: A powerful digital platform customized for your merchants, streamlining all aspects of payment operations, from terminal setup to support.

Future  of Merchant Services
Onboarding Journey
Effortlessly assist your merchants throughout their onboarding journey
Merchant Package
Personalize the merchant’s package to develop your brand awareness
Remote Experts
Empower merchants with instant help from remote experts and a full Help Program
Digital Services
Provide your merchants with digital services for repair and helpdesk
Future Merchant services

Embark on a journey of digital transformation with Merchant DX

Our platform is crafted to empower your merchants in the digital era, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed for managing terminal support seamlessly. Experience the competitive edge with our innovative approach to enhancing the merchant digital journey.

Merchant DX

Journey with us


Onboarding Customization

Personalize terminals and welcome packages for a unique brand experience


Device Setup

Streamline delivery and setup with a unique unboxing, Quick Guide, Virtual Assistance or Chatbot support via 'My Ingenico' app.


Advanced Support Services

Boost support with Digital Services - self-diagnostic checks, remote issue resolution, virtual assistance and swift hardware replacements.


Simple Terminal Removal and Replacement

Simplify handling with courier collection for refurbishment or recycling, meeting PCI standards.


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My Ingenico App

Swift access to comprehensive support and helpdesk expertise for your merchants.
  • Comprehensive information hub with access to FAQs, manuals, tutorials, videos, and community forums.
  • Advanced remote terminal diagnostics for efficient troubleshooting and proactive maintenance.
  • Cutting-edge support services, including virtual assistance, click-to-chat, click-to-call, call back options, service requests via forms, and streamlined RMA generation and tracking.
  • Enriched user experience with an easy access to consumables, spare parts, and premium services through the integrated Ingenico Store.
My Ingenico App

Merchant Empowerment

Your Centralized Hub for Comprehensive Support, Extensive Documentation, and Expert Assistance - Merchants, seize this opportunity!