Shop Now, Pay Later: Empower the Purchase Experience

A user-friendly and transparent option, enhancing the shopping experience, directly available at checkout.

Boost in-store customer loyalty by offering preferential payment options that provide greater control over purchases.
Boost merchants' sales and conversions, attracting younger demographics.
Remove barriers for customers who favor debit cards and elevate the average transaction value at merchant’s stores.
Let your merchants enjoy upfront payments while their customers pay conveniently over time.

Increase conversion with more ways to pay

BNPL empowers customers to purchase products and services and pay later in convenient installments. This transparent and user-friendly payment option seamlessly integrates into your merchant’s businesses, enhancing their customers' overall experience.

Revenue raised, brand awareness and customer loyalty

Implement easily and quickly BNPL acceptance across your payment terminals fleet, guaranteeing your merchants:


  • Secure and confident authorization messages confirming payment acceptance
  • Ability to generate consolidated transaction summaries
  • Effortless acceptance at checkout with minimal staff training required