Unlock Insights, Drive Engagement

Streamlined consumer identification processes, designed to enhance and optimize the management of loyalty programs by your merchants.

Streamline customer identification for your merchants through card PAN tokenization.
Help your merchants quickly identify CLO memberships to boost engagement.
Enable your merchants to efficiently identify loyalty card transactions for accurate reporting and seamless reward management.
Help your merchants in seamlessly expanding loyalty programs with in-store sign-ups, speeding up checkout and enhancing purchases.
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Revolutionize Customer Loyalty

Card Linked Offer (CLO) solutions, once exclusive to large retailers, are now accessible to smaller merchants. With our CLO Loyalty service, identification becomes seamless, utilizing payment cards as primary identifiers for transactions, cashback, and points.

Seamless Recognition, Easy Enrollment

Our CLO Loyalty Service provides seamless transaction recognition and enhanced reporting for your merchants, empowering them to optimize customer loyalty. With transactions made using enrolled cards and our CLO token swiftly identified, your merchants can promptly acknowledge and reward loyal customers. Additionally, our service supports in-store enrollment, reducing checkout times, and attracting new members.

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