Manage Estates and Services

Boost Productivity and maximise your business potential with our fully integrated estate management system, combining devices, software, and services into one bundle optimized for your needs.

Estate illustraition
Estate Management

Leverage the full potential of your estate

A flexible and versatile solution to configure, manage and efficiently update payment terminals, while keeping them secure, connected and performing flawlessly.

  • Support your merchants on their journey towards business success.
  • Never lose track of your terminal with geofencing.
  • Keep devices secure and up-to-date for business-critical transactions.
  • Deploy new services using business applications.
Ingenico Security Services
Security Solutions

Enhance your business security without the complexity

Maximising the security of payment systems and cardholder data in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a growing challenge. 

  • Ensure business security on the long term.
  • Avoid business disruptions and logistics issues thanks to remote solutions.
  • Improve operational efficiency and simplify the key management of heterogeneous estates.
  • Comply with PCI PIN & PCI P2PE regulations.
  • Meet PCI PTS requirements, fast and effectively.
  • Simplify PCI DSS certification, with reduced costs and lead-times.
Professional Services

Your trusted advisor for seamless payment solutions

A seamless targeted support and a single point of dedicated contact for payment development, maintenance, and transformation design & management.

  • Select the technology and plan the integration to meet your business objectives.
  • Deliver an end-to-end solution, from architecture to rollout and ongoing support.
  • Accelerate execution and reduce complexity for faster time to business value.
  • Measure success based on your criteria.
Office support
Support Services

Ensuring Excellence, Extending Certainty

The turnkey support services to ensure payment availability, reliability and security

  • Make the most out of your investment so you can focus on your core business.
  • Benefit from unmatched service support and customised service packages to meet your specific business needs.
  • Keep your investment up to date throughout the POS life cycle without any additional costs.
  • Benefit from top level expertise and service support wherever you are.
Future  of Merchant Services
Merchant Digital Experience

The Future of Merchant Services - Redefined

Merchant DX: A powerful digital platform customized for your merchants, streamlining all aspects of payment operations, from terminal setup to support.

  • Effortlessly assist your merchants throughout their onboarding journey
  • Personalize the merchant’s package to develop your brand awareness
  • Empower merchants with instant help from remote experts and a full Help Program
  • Provide your merchants with digital services for repair and helpdesk