Retail Mobility

Bringing mobility to your retail environment

Whether you are in a retail space, a quick service restaurant or a moving train, our terminals allow you to process payments away from the checkout.

Can be paired with any smart device to create a complete mobile point of sale.
Wide set of connectivity and long-lasting battery in compact devices to ensure a lengthy working day.
Enterprise-grade features and accessories for intensive payment and commerce use.

Making your life easy

Our terminals are compact devices, designed to be user-friendly and easily transported.

Extended accessories are available, such as protection holsters and gang chargers to supply your entire mobile sales team.

Always on

A full set of connectivity options — including WiFi and 4G — supplies you with constant network coverage.

A longer-lasting battery ensures that you stay operational, throughout your working day.


Integrate other devices

You can easily connect our retail mobility terminals with third-party solutions, like tablets and smartphones.

The result: a complete and hassle-free point-of-sale solution, enabling you to process payments wherever you are.