Une approche collaborative permet de concrétiser une solution ECR moderne


Customer’s profile: One of Japan’s largest acquirers. As a leading provider of credit card services, the company offered credit cards for shopping, cashing activities and financing, as well as credit guarantees, franchise, third-party processing, and credit card trustee services.




Our customer contracted with us to provide them with an all-in-one electronic cash register (ECR) integrated solution. After a swift launch of the system with merchants nationwide, new security standards came into play involving major changes to the technology. This fast became a challenge for the customer as it led to widespread in-field technical issues for merchants.

The acquirer approached us for help in ensuring its ECR solution was compatible with the new standards. The numbers of merchants affected meant the challenge was vast and, as this took place at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not practical to increase the size of our technical support team.


The solution

We proposed setting up a joint operation between our specialists from Ingenico Professional Services and the customer’s own experts in a single, integrated environment. Working together, problems were quickly identified, triaged and solved.


The outcome:

The acquirer is now successfully deploying the new solution across Japan. They have decided to retain Ingenico’s team to deliver dedicated technical resources for the second stage of their project.

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