Open readers

Stealthy, powerful and scalable modules for transport projects

  • Dedicated version for open payment in transport scenarios thanks to automotive and railway certifications which fit in bus validator or gates
  • Version for all other payment use-cases (toll, parking, EV charging, bike rental…)


The best of transport and payment worlds to meet all your Open Payment requirements.

All contactless payment methods supported
  • Close loop cards (Mifare®, Desfire®...) and contactless tickets
  • Payment method (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) including transit versions
Easy mechanical integration and maintenance
  • Open/1500 for flush and stealthy integration in a bus, a tramway, a train or a ferry validators (plastic casing)
  • Open/2500 with flush design to fit easily in any gates (metro, railways)
  • Compact form factor
Fully featured readers
  • Powerful TETRA processor with large amount of internal memory
  • USB host port, USB slave port
  • 2x Serial ports
  • LAN port
  • Sound connector
  • I/O isolated ports
Transportation version
  • Compliant with automotive and railways standards
  • Additional removable battery to preserve internal battery during all reader lifetime
Consumer version
  • Fit for toll, access control, EV charging
  • Power Over Ethernet for an easy integration
Highest level of security
Ingenico Self Service Open Series Contactless
Ingenico Self Service Open Series Back View
Ingenico Self Service Open Series 3/4 view
Ingenico Self Service Open Series Side View

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