Enabling business agility with Android - How AXIUM reinvents business and let merchants access to cloud technologies!


In the past few years, innovation, speed and agility have increasingly become the watchwords for merchants. During this time they have seen consumers’ purchasing behaviour change as the lines between in-store, online and mobile shopping have blurred. And at the same time they have gone through their own digital transformation, upgrading the front office to enable these new customer experiences and also updating the back office, to manage inventory, accounting and other business services on a daily basis.


During the current Covid pandemic, those requirements have become even more important, as small merchants have accelerated the shift to cloud technologies to enable both remote work and remote sales – for example, with the implementation of click and collect solutions. 


A major enabler of this transformation has been the Android operating system.

Google unveiled the technology in 2007, with the first Android smartphones following a year later, and tablets shortly afterwards. With their smaller footprint, user-friendly interfaces, and the ability to carry a broad variety of software applications, Android devices became attractive to small retailers as a more contemporary and more accessible alternative to electronic cash registers.

What started as a transformation of the point of sale has now extended to payments.

As well as their familiar user experience, Android devices offer a wide range of functionalities, such as cameras, NFC and connectivity. This makes them natively ready to accept a wide range of payment methods, from NFC wallets to QR code payments.

Android also brings a multitude of business applications, distributed through an Appstore, that can complement payments. Both back- and front-office services can be tailored to specific verticals, such as transit, F&B or hospitality, for example. These include coupon acceptance, click and collect, ticketing, staff management and many more.

Android is simple to integrate, enabling merchants, acquirers and ISVs to more simply and rapidly deploy new digital solutions.

For merchant providers, Android makes building these new use cases much simpler than it used to be. Android is an open OS, with millions of developers familiar with the platform, development tools and APIs.

Ingenico already offers the most successful Android terminal worldwide and is now expanding its offering to a new generation of native Android devices.

To this date, up to 25% of payment terminals sold in 2020 were Android, globally. With more than six million Android-based devices shipped to date, Ingenico is already the worldwide leader in Android for payments and we have a proven track record to build on.

We are hard at work developing our new Android offering, and will launch three new Android 10 devices in 2021: the AXIUM DX8000, which offers a best-in-class in-store digital experience; the AXIUM EX8000, which extends the digital and mobile experience within the store; and the AXIUM EX6000, the digital solution for merchants on the move. 

Ingenico’s AXIUM next-generation platform unlocks the full potential of Android and a cloud-based ecosystem

The AXIUM platform includes not only innovative Android POS but also payment and business services, plus estate management, customer care and security tools, offering a complete ecosystem to let merchants reinvent their business in the digital era.


With access to the latest services and technology via the cloud, merchants can reduce investment in in-store systems and simply activate services on demand.

AXIUM’s comprehensive set of APIs makes the integration of apps smoother. And because cloud-based systems can be accessed from anywhere, merchants can drive and monitor their business in real time, even when they are away from their stores, helping them to better service consumers and more efficiently monitor business.

We make developers’ lives easy, offering them our full support for an easy Android payment implementation in the AXIUM ecosystem.

Our Android competency center and dedicated, user-friendly developer portal facilitate the development and implementation process. A core payment app is provided to all geographic regions, which they can customise according to local requirements.

Ingenico’s web-based estate management solution brings to AXIUM next-generation devices the same monitoring capabilities as for other, traditional terminals.

That means full control and monitoring of our Android devices thanks to innovative features such as MDM, geofencing and terminal diagnostics.

Peace of mind comes as standard, because our comprehensive customer care services are part of the AXIUM ecosystem.

Customers can choose the level of service that they need, from consulting, repair and maintenance services to end of life management.

Security is in Ingenico’s DNA and with AXIUM we continue to make it central to our Android offering by managing compliance and security at a global and local level.

Businesses can rest easy that they are protected by ultra-sophisticated security tools such as remote key injection solutions with an extra layer of security, dedicated digital signature solution with dual control and new tracking features such as geofencing. In addition, the next-generation POS devices are always updated with the latest security keys and they are fully compliant with the latest security standards such as PCI v6 and EMV v3.

AXIUM is the full Android and cloud-based solution.

Innovation, speed, agility: all the boxes are ticked. Whether it’s in-store or mobile, AXIUM is the enabler of the new world of business.




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