Empowering Australian Merchants: Tyro’s Innovative Move with Ingenico’s AXIUM Smart Terminals


The Customer

Tyro, Revolutionizing Payments in Australia

Tyro is a leading Australian payments company that makes it fast and easy for small businesses to accept payments and manage their cashflow. Powering more than 68,000 businesses across the country, Tyro’s innovative products integrate with over 330 system partners in hospitality, retail, health and services so that Australian merchants can run and grow their business, their way.

Founded in 2003, Tyro has a consistent track record in innovation, specialized solutions, and pioneering payment advancements. At the heart of Tyro's operations is its proprietary technology platform, which facilitates seamless merchant credit and debit card transactions, solidifying its role as a core player in payment processing. 

The Challenge

Reinventing a Market Disruptor

Tyro embarked on a journey, its first in over a decade, to refresh its flagship Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) payment terminal. As a market disruptor, Tyro's terminal not only stood out for its innovative functionality but also for its distinctive aesthetic design.  

With the introduction of Tyro Pro, the company aimed to transition from traditional EFTPOS payment terminals to a more versatile platform, enabling strategic growth into new market segments. This transition empowers Tyro with enhanced account control and payment experience for its customers while facilitating the development of proprietary software on the terminals.  

Despite the advantages of managing terminal logistics, warehousing, and fleet management in-house for over 20 years, scaling operations and improving efficiency would present challenges without considerable investment. 

The Solution

A Strategic Partnership with Ingenico

Ingenico's Android-based AXIUM platform emerged as the ideal solution for Tyro's evolving needs. Leveraging Ingenico's expertise, Tyro developed a proprietary payment application for the AXIUM series, which paved the way for the launch of Tyro Pro in 2023.

Ingenico's Managed Services complemented this advancement, providing valuable support, including large-scale project execution, multi-fleet device management, in-person technician installation, and enhanced service levels, streamlining Tyro's operational processes and elevating efficiency. 

Ingenico’s AXIUM platform is a key differentiator, providing us a platform where we can build our payment application on. Furthermore, as there is a fair amount of investment needed in logistics to scale the business, Ingenico’s Managed Services has benefited both our customers and us.
Matthew Patterson, Head of In-store Payments at Tyro
Author Photo
Matthew patterson - Tyro

The Outcome

A New Era for Merchant Payments

The collaboration between Tyro and Ingenico marks a significant milestone in the evolution of payment processing technology. By introducing Tyro Pro, Tyro has set a new standard for payment experiences in Australia, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With the support of Ingenico's Managed Services, Tyro is well-positioned for continued growth and expansion, solidifying its role as a trusted partner for Australian merchants nationwide.

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