Partnering for Growth and Competitive Edge as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO)



An ISO facing increased competition from large players recognized the need to gain a competitive edge. Their goal was to deliver a market-leading merchant experience while ensuring operational efficiency and safeguarding margins.  

As a smaller entity compared to traditional banks, the customer sought to capitalize on the economy of scale benefits that come with leveraging third parties. They were seeking a partner who could not only provision hardware but also provide reliable estate management and field services to ensure a high standard of service for their merchants.

The Solution

Ingenico is now responsible for logistics, including direct-to-merchant shipment, estate management, maintenance, and support, while also offering a range of terminals. The successful collaboration has also evolved to focus on co-development, helping the client to build out a portfolio of value-added merchant services including loyalty, reporting and vertical specific applications.

The Outcome

The client’s merchants benefit from seamless onboarding and support services. In addition, the value-added services have enabled the ISO to unlock new growth opportunities and grow market share without diluting their margins. 

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