Deliver value-added services in multilane retail stores

  • Manage high volume transactions with a smart POS designed for intensive use
  • Deliver next-level customer experience with advanced services
  • Strengthen customer trust with next-generation security features


Based on Android 11, the AXIUM RX7000 is designed for advanced checkout services and an intensive with maximum security.

The power of Android 11
  • Harness the power of the Appstore
  • Power-saving features
  • Optimised performance and speed
  • Sustainable solution regarding development, maintenance & support
Powerful processing to increase speed and output
  • Boosted memory (Up to 4GB RAM 32GB FLASH)
  • High speed processor (ARM Quad-core cortex A55)
Large, up to 5.5’’ HD IPS and ergonomic interface
Powerful cameras
  • Front camera (5MP)
  • Rear camera (0.3MP)
Raising the bar on security
  • PCI PTS v6
  • Shimmer / skimmer detection
  • Abnormal cable removal detection which can generate an alert to inhibit the terminal
  • PCI compliant privacy PIN shield

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Ingenico Retail Mobility RX7000 Front View
Ingenico Retail Mobility RX7000 Back View
Ingenico Retail Mobility RX7000 Side View

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