Payment in-store

Select the terminals that match the different payment scenarios you need to manage, wherever they take place in your sales area. Whether it’s at the counter, at the checkout line, on the shop floor or at a table, we deliver a fast, secure and personalised experience to your customers.

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At check-out line

  • Easy integration into the existing retail environment thanks a wide set of connectivity and accessories.
  • Designed for intensive use, quickly handling a large volume of transactions.
  • Ergonomic devices for a smooth consumer experience and fast checkout.
  • Seamless integration in kiosks to answer self check-out use cases.

At the counter

  • Nimble and compact terminals to fit perfectly on any counter in SMB or retail environments.
  • Speed up the checkout process by pairing the countertop solutions with dedicated PIN pads.
  • Ensure flexible check-out with portable solutions.
  • User-friendly intuitive payment process thanks to smart designs.
  • Raising the bar on customer engagement with Android solutions.

At the table

  • Mobile devices conceived to increase server efficiency and enable faster table turns.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by letting them pay how they want without leaving their chairs.
  • By opting for an Android solution, deploy business apps (access to booking plans, bill split, ability to send orders to the kitchen), to facilitate restaurants’ business.

In-store mobility

  • Easy to carry for sales people on-the-move thanks to compact designs.
  • Entreprise-grade features and accessories for intensive payment and commercial use.
  • Enabling line busting an in-aisle payments.
  • Providing reliable connectivity to ensure business fluidity.
  • By opting for an Android device, you can facilitate mobile sales, giving you access to inventory or online line ordering services for upselling.
Retail Mobility

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Discover the use cases in your industry



Payment-at-the-table at restaurants, at hotel desks and spas. Event registration and on-floor sales.



Payment at counter to buy tickets.



Payment at counter in gaz station or EV-charging.



Payment at lane, mobility in-store and line-busting.



Payment everywhere in the shop floor.

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