Card Readers

Keeping your business on the move

Designed with versatility in mind, our card reader enables you to process payment wherever your business takes you in mobility or in-store.

Card Readers
Accept all transaction types in a small footprint
Suits all use cases, from micro-merchants to retail mobility
Can be paired with any smart device to create a complete mobile point of sale
Card Readers

Stay up to speed

Ready to deploy, with a fast start-up, short transaction times and seamless remote updates, our card readers are designed to do business fast.

Equipped with long-lasting batteries & optimised power management, they remain operational on even the longest work days.

Fully supported solution

Small and light, our card readers can be smoothly integrated with your tablet or smartphone.

Our scalable offering will match your customer footprint, and fully supports Android, Windows and iOS.

developer SDK

Stay at the forefront of the payment market

Built on our universal software development kit (Moby-reader SDK), our suite of readers enables you to rapidly meet the requirements of a changing market.

Leverage our line-up with your gateway, and select the readers that best match your needs.

Accept all transaction types

Fully EMV and NFC/contactless compatible, our card readers can be moulded to fit an endless array of use cases.

Natively ready for international transactions, our readers support most card brands via an Embedded worldwide payment app.

Card Readers
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