Llevando la flexibilidad completa de Android a Uruguay

Customer profile: a major global acquirer in Uruguay offering services and solutions to more than 50,000 merchants in the country, including retailers, SMEs and other independent professionals.


Our customer wanted to pioneer the introduction of Android payment terminals in Uruguay. Their aim was to increase market share by providing merchants with a greater range of services from business apps and contactless to QR code options.



The solution

Working globally with Ingenico, the acquirer turned to our Professional Services team to develop a new payment application in Uruguay to keep ahead of the competition. The new system needed to incorporate the client’s detailed business requirements while minimising project delivery time.


Ingenico Professional Services proposed adopting Ingenico’s own Android payment application in order to accelerate the time to market, then customising it to meet the acquirer’s needs. Weekly follow-up meetings validated the project’s progress, allowing the team to identify and agree on change controls, review dates and next steps. As a result, they were able to simplify deployment, improve integration and create a smoother end-user experience, while significantly reducing time to market.


The outcome

Ingenico delivered a flexible, fully integrated single-terminal solution that provides the acquirer’s customers with cutting-edge technology and delivers in- creased opportunities for growth.

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