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Virginie Boulé

Marketing & Communication Manager, Retail Enterprise

Virginie is Marketing & Communication Manager, Retail Enterprise

What do you like most about your job?

I like providing retailers with unprecedented, brand new payment journeys. Our solutions enable them to create striking customer experiences that we can all benefit from in our everyday lives.

As a woman in the payments industry, what makes you feel empowered?
I am very passionate about the industry I’m working in. I feel empowered thanks to the multiple missions Ingenico has entrusted me to do. The industry offers unlimited career opportunities for those who are passionate about their job. 

What would you say to encourage more women to get into the payments industry?
The payments industry is buzzing; it brings new opportunities and challenges every day. We are always looking for new talent, particularly men and women who are able to look at things differently and think on a grand scale. I’m convinced women have a lot to bring to this industry. 

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