17 Jun 24

Why Banks and Acquirers Should Move Merchants to Android Payment Technology

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Android payment technology implementation is a growing trend, and the reasons are clear. Android-based payment platforms are more flexible than proprietary systems. Payment technology companies and their partners can integrate a broader range of solutions with an Android payments platform. As a result, merchants can deploy branded solutions, enhance user experiences with greater accessibility, and create engaging systems for customer-facing screens. Developers can also leverage Android developer resources and operating system features, including process flow and communication functionality, to bring solutions to market more quickly. Furthermore, Android security features developers a head start when creating secure applications and value-added services for the point of sale (POS).

However, the operating system giving merchants the ability to accept payments isn’t something they’re usually aware of. They want payments functionality, but they simply expect banks and acquirers to deliver it. Therefore, it falls to banks and acquirers to educate their customers and guide them toward the best solutions for their businesses. However, the time you invest in educating your market will also lead to more efficiency for your operation.

How to Communicate Android Payment Technology’s Value to Merchants

Android’s unique capabilities can help you capture your clients’ interest in a transition from proprietary payment technology. First, merchants aren’t locked into a finite point of sale (POS) and payments feature set with Android. Payment platforms based on Android enable accepting the full range of payments, including alternative payments, like buy now, pay later (BNPL) and QR code payments. It also gives developers the freedom to enhance payment experiences with additional functionality, like digital receipts, customer surveys, and loyalty rewards integration.

Additionally, Android allows merchants to run business applications from the payment terminal while remaining PCI-compliant and secure. Merchants can take advantage of the device’s computing power to run software, even a POS system itself. Android-based payment technology’s flexibility also gives merchants the freedom to innovate and create unique experiences that differentiate their businesses from the competition.

Last, Android makes support requests easier for merchants. You can provide your clients with tools that allow them to click on the type of issue they’re having from a drop-down on the terminal. The system then automatically opens a ticket, saving merchants time and helping them get the terminal fully operational again.

Why Android Payment Technology Benefits Your Business

In addition to empowering you to offer payment technology that enhances payment terminal functionality, Android helps your own business operate more efficiently. Android makes it easier to have centralized control of all payment devices. You can pinpoint devices’ locations in real time, see which software they’re running, and perform device health checks to address maintenance proactively. You can also push updates to all devices and make new features available to clients in batches.

Android also makes it easy to address issues remotely. Your team can use screen takeover to take the lead on troubleshooting, reducing the need for onsite technician visits. Additionally, for devices supporting remote key injection, a full-featured payment estate device management solution allows you to ship terminals from the manufacturer and then inject encryption keys when they arrive at the merchant’s locations. This simplifies compliance requirements, saving time and costs with new device implementations.

Move Forward with Android – and an Experienced Partner

Bank and acquirer organizations that see the value in a transition to Android will need a payments technology partner with robust Android terminals and experience in the markets you serve. Work with a provider with the resources and expertise to help you integrate with your solution and how to bring custom solutions to market more quickly.

Take some time on future touchpoints to educate your customers on the benefits of Android payment technology and make these solutions available to the merchants you serve. For more information, contact Ingenico to learn about our AXIUM Android-based payment technology that makes it all possible.

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