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Originally starting as an ISO, Payroc recognized the opportunity to enhance the partner experience by evolving into a one-stop payments platform. Payroc’s significant growth through acquisition has been shaped by a commitment to addressing evolving merchant expectations and focusing on the end-to-end customer experience in the face of a dynamic payments landscape.  By developing a diverse sales channel encompassing ISV partners, agents, resellers, and ISO partners, Payroc aimed to provide a unified platform capable of addressing all their specific partners' needs. With this goal in mind, it was essential to adopt a partner who could provide reliable, modern Android payment devices.

Moreover, Payroc sought a partner who could guarantee inventory and local support with speed to market being crucial for their merchant deployment model whereby an agent can sell an account, receive approval and have the merchant processing payments the same day!

Payroc also required the right partner for their cloud-based integrated solution, PayByCloud. They sought a partner offering flexibility for ISVs to select their preferred devices without the need for reintegrating. Additionally, they required support for the rapid speed payments integration by their solution. This called for a partner who could not only meet technological requirements but also understand and adapt to the evolving needs of Payroc and its ISV partners.

Payroc were clear that to achieve this they were looking for a “partner” as opposed to a “vendor”.

The Solution


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Ingenico worked with Payroc to launch the Android AXIUM DX8000-5 terminal. Payroc turned to Ingenico for round the clock support to expedite the delivery of their platform within Ingenico’s AXIUM range and have since expanded to adopt a wider range of AXIUM terminals. The AXIUM DX4000 and EX devices support additional use cases such as mobility within large retail environments for example.

Payroc wanted to bring a top of the line terminal that could go toe to toe with anybody else and I really think that's what we have with Ingenico AXIUM and the Payroc App.
John Burns, Director of Product Sales at Payroc
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John Burns Payroc.jpg

The outcome

The partnership with Ingenico has allowed Payroc to leverage AXIUM as a single Android solution that fits seamlessly with their platform strategy for their integrated payments and sales agent channels. Ingenico now supports Payroc across diverse use cases including retail, restaurant, hospitality, and emerging verticals such as self-service. As a result of this successful partnership,  Payroc is set to continue its journey of innovation, with the support from Ingenico paving the way for new, frictionless payment methods.

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