Introducing next-generation payments in the Dutch Caribbean

Customer profile: leading private commercial bank in the Caribbean.


To respond to the rapid digitization of payments, the bank wanted to provide its existing customers with new payment services and solutions such as contactless and Transport Layer Security (TLS). This was not possible on the existing terminals, that the bank had been using for more than 15 years.

The bank decided to work directly with a terminal manufacturer that could provide the latest digital payment solutions. Its objectives were to optimise its payment terminal operations, improve the development quality of its payment software and quickly build a relationship with its new terminal provider. Price, software performance, stability and security were key factors in the customer’s decision to work with Ingenico to replace all the existing platforms with Ingenico’s TETRA terminals and the Self/4000 series of unattended self-service devices.


The solution

Our Professional Services team had the customer’s existing payment application reviewed by our technical experts who went on to develop an improved application using Ingenico terminals. The project included defining requirements, developing contactless use cases and integration with the Self/4000 series.


Our team worked closely with the customer, sharing our experience of the payment market and our expertise in implementing payment services such as contactless platforms and certifying solutions with payment schemes. Our development experts built a robust and improved app for all TETRA terminal models and for the Self Series.

Ingenico Self Service Self4000 front view

The outcome

In four months, Ingenico developed and delivered a new app for the entire TETRA family and included multiple services to optimise their operation. Our mobile payment application for debit was ready in just two months. We set up customised reports for estate management and provided user training on our hosted solution, including the heartbeat service. We have also integrated the app with vending

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